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How we pack your orders

When you walk into a retail store, what’s the first thing you notice? Maybe the music, or the decorations, or personal touch of the staff.

We are online shop and it’s much more difficult to create this kind of cozy environment. The closest personal touchpoint we can give is the unboxing moment. Our customer isn’t just an anonymous consumer on the other side of a computer screen. Our product  is literally in customers hands. 

We want you to feel like you have received a gift, even if that second hand leggings.  Also we want to use less plastic in our packaging.  

So that’s what our packing recipe looks like:

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Why We Should Shop Second Hand

Do you have trouble shopping second hand because it is strange to wear someone else’s clothes? O do you think second hand items are old fashion, greasy and bad quality? It is your minds or come from marketing of fast fashion industry? We are told through campaigns that we consistently need more trendy items. More and more. But this is not sustainable for our wallets and environment. 

So why we should shop second hand?

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