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Why We Should Shop Second Hand

Do you have trouble shopping second hand because it is strange to wear someone else’s clothes? O do you think second hand items are old fashion, greasy and bad quality? It is your minds or come from marketing of fast fashion industry? We are told through campaigns that we consistently need more trendy items. More and more. But this is not sustainable for our wallets and environment. 

So why we should shop second hand?

It’s a chance to prevent waste.

Shopping second hand gives clothing new life. No matter which fast fashion brands might have created the clothe originally – the item is already in circulation and needs to be cared for.

By buying second hand clothes, you’re reducing both textile waste and over-production – the biggest environmental footprints of the fashion industry. 

It’s a simple way to save money and create your own style

When we wear an item that has already been produced, we are giving it a new life. And second hand clothes are less expensive than brand new items of the same kind. And you can find gorgeous pieces that fit into whatever is currently trendy, but different enough to stand out from the crowd.

Eco-friendly reasons

A lot of water and chemicals go into manufacturing our clothes. Approximately 6813 litres of water are required to make one pair of jeans. If the clothes are recycled, it means we are being living a more sustainable life. The water that is used to make these clothes, instead of getting lost as industrial waste, can now be used for other purposes.

So because of reasons – live more sustainable, be Rock’n’Roll!

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